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A space where we can safely talk about Mental Illness

Welcome to a space where we can safely talk about Mental Illness. Mental illness is a term which carries a lot of information, feeling and shame. The stigma around having mental illness or even treating mental illness is a shame which impacts and limits families and individuals.

The recent killings in Toronto; in North York and on the Danforth, have highlighted this stigma around those with mental illness. There is still a lot of work to be done. Many questions arise, when acts of desperation occur that are linked to mental illness. Why did that person resort to violence? Why didn’t they get treatment? Are all people who are mentally ill violent? Why didn’t the family make them get help? Didn’t the family know? Look at the victims, and their families – they too will be dealing with this silent shame, mental illness, when their loved ones experience ongoing triggers, and mental distress… and yet… So much stigma about talking with people who have mental illness, about supporting their family, about understanding and not judging, about helping the mentally ill feel connected, included, important, loved…

Because that is what we all need – connection to other human beings, love, acceptance – despite irregularities.

As a psychotherapist, and mental health advocate, I provide space where these human beings who are on the fringe – and even those who have succeeded in hiding their distress from observation, deal with the shame, and support them in functioning and regaining a life worth living.

I understand that finding treatment can be difficult – even after one accepts that they want help. And let’s face it, some of us feel down or experience anxiety, and worry – and don’t do anything about it, because we are afraid that getting help may mean that we have a serious problem. We pretend, and believe it will just go away if we ignore it.

But really, getting help at any stage of not feeling well mentally, emotionally, spiritually can be a turning point to changing difficult situations into growth opportunities, which can lead to blooming. Join me in whatever stage you are at, to experience growth and blooming in response to uncomfortable and difficult thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

May you Bloom and Grow



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