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Happy New Year

Clients come to me who are dealing with life threatening circumstances, or beliefs that their life is in danger. Their anxiety and hope for the future is dwindled. Their ability to cope and find solutions is diminished. Often their sleep is minimal; disturbed, interrupted; difficult to begin sleep. They know they need sleep; but it is often evasive. Clients give up trying to sleep, and manage as best they can. At times, we are able to deal with the beliefs, develop new coping skills to manage the thoughts and body responses that overwhelm them. Other times, the client eventually recognizes that the life endangering experience is no longer there, and they move on.

They are happy to talk to a therapist, and relieve some of their stress by sharing their thoughts and emotions with a compassionate therapist. This helps them to recognize that they are not alone, and that there are compassionate people in the world. It restores their belief in themselves as worthy, and as others as helpful.

However there are others who have stressful life circumstances that believe that their experiences are bad, but not bad enough. They struggle functioning in daily activities, but they believe that they should be able to cope – that if they just push through, their stress and hopelessness will go away.

Can a therapist help? Is there any point in seeking out assistance – when the belief is that we can do it on our own, and that our troubles are not significant enough?

Yes, a therapist can help. A compassionate, nonjudgmental person can provide validation and support. This will help release the negative beliefs the limit our coping skills, and self-doubt. The therapist can assist in providing an outside view into one’s world, and help you to develop new coping skills and understandings of circumstances that often destroy our ability to move forward. These are 2 ways that a therapist can help your walk in life.

The therapist is a tool to help you bloom and grow. I believe that we all have journeys that mix dry, barren roads with abundant, green, lush pathways. Together we can work through the difficult roads, and discover areas of growth. When you visit me, we will explore current issues, as well as past experiences that have impacted you. We won’t discuss everything at once. Therapy and exploring different experiences takes time. You and I will work together to decide on steps along the journey. Come for a consultation, and decide if you would like to explore your journey with me.

Come, bloom again, and grow.



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